Posted by Chuck Standfuss on Nov 28, 2017

What would Rotary be without the Rotary International Foundation? Club 10 learned the answer in Tuesday's luncheon as Paul Hofslien and Jack Haugen from District 5960 detailed the history and workings of "The Foundation."  

President Jerry Faletti rang the bell to bring the meeting to order at 12:16 p.m. on a brilliantly sunny late fall day in the River City. Dick Nicholson led the assembled Rotarians in singing God Bless America! accompanied by Bob Jones on the electric piano. Nancy Brady provided today's Inspirational Minute centered on an "attitude of gratitude." Kristin Montpetit facilitated the introduction of visiting Rotarians and guests. Today's greeter was Ken Schaefer.
President Jerry announced that there is no luncheon next Tuesday due to the Holiday Gala on Thursday evening that week. Past President Dan McKeown was then introduced to conduct today's Paul Harris ceremonies recognizing Harris Foundation members President Jerry, David Laird and Past President Chuck Field. Also recognized today was first time Paul Harris Award recipient Bo Aylin. Dan ended the ceremony by asking all seventy-three Club members who are Paul Harris Fellows to stand and be recognized. An impressive show of support to the Rotary Foundation by Club 10, indeed!
Todd Nicholson was then asked to come forward in order to promote the Tuesday luncheon in two weeks (Dec. 14th). The speaker that day will be Beth Burns of Friends of the Saint Paul Public Library. Kristin returned to collect Happy Dollars. An impressive amount was raised for the Saint Paul Rotary Foundation today.
President Jerry introduced today's speakers, the Chair of the District 5960 Fund Development committee, Paul Holfslien, and fellow committee member Jack Haugen. Their theme was "The Rotary Foundation, Doing Good Works Around the World" with four major points of emphasis:
  1. the history of the Rotary Foundation
  2. life without the Rotary Foundation
  3. Grants and how the Foundation works
  4. making the Foundation your Charity-of-Choice
The Rotary International Foundation began with a donation by Arch C. Klumph for $26.50 (today's equivalent, $536.00). It has grown to over $1 billion dollars in total contributions.
Life without the Rotary International Foundation would be without the many Grants/Projects; Group Study Exchange/Vocational Training Teams; Scholar & Peace Fellows; PolioPlus; and many other activities that have been fostered by the Foundation. The Foundation became the creator of projects of significance throughout the world. Through the efforts of the Foundation, the world is down to fifteen cases of polio in three countries. 
Paul Holfslien described the Grant-making process and how the Foundation works. There are two types of grants: global grants and district grants. Global grants require a host club; district grants are for more localized projects. The Foundation receives contributions to the Annual Fund and shares those funds. Funds earmarked for the Foundation are invested for three years with 50% invested in the World Fund and 50% in District designated funds.
 Paul then asked Jack Haugen to address Club 10 members about making the Foundation a donation priority. Rotarians are giving people. Jack asked our Club to consider making Rotary a "Charity-of-Choice." He asked the question, what is the significance of Rotary as a charitable organization: 
  • It takes good care of contributions. Nearly 100% goes to projects, less than 1% to expenses; 
  • Rotary International: you know where the money goes; 
  • Objective for District: $500,000 (last year $350,000). 
  • "EREY:" Every Rotarian Every Year (each member give at least $25 per year)
Jack also asked members to consider becoming a Paul Harris Fellow (one time $1,000); or, join 90 other Rotarians in District 5960 who are members of Paul Harris Society ($1,000 annually); or, Archie Klumph Society ($250,000 once in lifetime).
President Jerry thanked Messrs. Holfslien and Haugen for their presentations and presented them with a recognition certificate and noted that a donation would be made in their names to the Saint Paul Public Library's "Reading Together" program. They were also presented with Rotary coins featuring the Four-Way test inscribed on one face. President Jerry then asked the assembled Club 10 members to rise and recite the Four-Way test: "Of the things we think, say or do:
  • is it the TRUTH?
  • is it FAIR to all concerned?
  • will it build GOOD WILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?
  • will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
He then rang the bell to close the meeting at 1:11 p.m.





Chuck Standfuss, Scribe