Posted by Chuck Standfuss on Nov 27, 2018

Foundation Month has arrived! The annual celebrations for both the Saint Paul Rotary Foundation and the Rotary International Foundation reached their crescendos at the Tuesday Luncheon enhanced by something that has never happened before at the Club luncheon! 

Club 10 Business Report
Past President and Chair of the Saint Paul Rotary Foundation Dan McKeown rang the bell to bring the meeting to order at 12:16 p.m. on a cold fall day in River City. He noted that he would be chairing today’s meeting in the stead of President John Chandler because today is the annual Foundations’ Month Celebration for Club 10. He introduced Brianna Vujovich, assisting with today’s event from the podium, and Paul Damberg from the Rotary Club of Superior 40, assisting with today’s first-ever Rotary International Foundation Auction.
Paul Meekin led the assembled Rotarians in the Pledge of Allegiance. Susan O’Neil, accompanied by musicians Past Presidents Doug Hartford and Jerry Faletti with Past District Governor and President Joe Kovarik and Ed Coleman, led the assemblage in singing Side-by-Side with special lyrics dedicated to the Foundations’ Month Celebration. Bill Collins offered today’s Inspirational Minute (the closing from the Eulogy of Rotarian Paul Harris since many members are to made Paul Harris Fellows today). Dave Dominick facilitated the introduction of visiting Rotarians and guests of Rotarians. Today's greeter was Paul Meekin.
Brianna introduced the President’s Remarks from the dais. November Anniversaries and Birthdays were recognized. The new Club 10 “elevator speech” was displayed. The fundraising “visioning” slide was shown. For December 4th, a reminder was given that there is no Tuesday Luncheon due to the Holiday Party on Thursday; however, a separate session is being held to discuss “public relations visioning.” All who would like to attend are asked to email President Chandler by December 1st.
Past President Dan returned to the rostrum to introduce today’s program. Today is the annual Foundations’ Month Celebration for Club 10. Past President Jim Kosmo was asked to come forward to provide examples of Rotary projects funded by the Saint Paul Rotary Foundation. Jim spoke of the College project started during the 100th anniversary year. It answers the questions: What is Rotary? Why Rotary?  Rotary helps members with the obligation to pay it forward and to provide service above self. The Club has raised $750,000 to provide $20,000 college scholarships annually to Saint Paul college students. Jim passed to Dr. Jim Hart to tell about the history of the Rondo Project. Melvin Carter approached the Club before his run for Mayor. Marvin Anderson of the Rondo Ave. Corporation was developing the Rondo Ave. Plaza. Marvin raised $50,000 each from three different organizations. The Fisk Ave. Church building was available. Club 10 helped purchase the building. It has been renamed the “Rondo Center of Diverse Expression.” Going forward, Jim will bring periodic updates to the Club about the Center.
Brianna returned to introduce Mr. Damberg. He gave a brief accounting of Club partnership projects around the world, the good that has come from them and how they are founded. He then described how today’s auction would work: Club 10 will match gifts with RI Foundation points to double the giving impact to allow as many Saint Paul Rotarians as possible to reach Paul Harris Fellow status. This has never been done before at our Club! To kick things off, Mr. Dambert presented Club 10 with a donation for $1,550.00 from the Rotary Club of Duluth Harbortown and the Rotary Club of Supeior 40. As a result of this exciting auction, in twelve minutes, Club 10 promoted fourteen new Paul Harris Fellows and raised $12,000!
Why Rotary? Valdi Stefanson and Paul Meekin provided the International Team report regarding the recent trip to Bolivia. Valdi cited this as an example of how Rotary and the RI Foundation work together, how the connections come together to do good work for people. Organization, team, money: come together to benefit people and lives are changed. Paul thanked Club 10 for the opportunity to be a Rotarian. Valdi reported that Paul has joined District Grants Committee. Valdi also offered a method to make your donations go as far as possible. Go to the International website, select Annual Fund, SHARE program, every dollar comes back to our District within three years. $1 is matched by the International and turns into $3.50.
Corey Edmunds provided a Holiday Party update. 76 registered from this Club, 25 from Minneapolis. Piano from Camp Bar, real pianist, holiday tunes.
Past President Al Zdrazil previewed the December 11th Tuesday luncheon:  Meagan Johnson will present on Human Trafficking.
Brianna thanked Paul Damberg for his help today and presented him with a Club 10 recognition certificate and noted that a donation would be made in his name to the Saint Paul Public Library's "Reading Together" program. She then led those assembled in a recitation of the Four-Way Test ("Is it the Truth? Is it Fair to all concerned? Will it build Goodwill and Better Friendships? Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?") and then rang the bell to close the meeting at 1:17 p.m.

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