The 2017 Winter Carnival Royalty joined Club 10 members at the weekly luncheon.  King Boreas LXXXI knighted all Club 10 members in attendance!  Member Jason Bradshaw (Boreas Rex) provided a state-of-the-Winter Carnival report. Past Members who served as Boreas Rex, Carnival Prime Ministers and Princes and Princesses were also recognized. It was a regal day at the Tuesday luncheon.

Past-President Jay Pfaender, Winter Carnival Prime Minister (1974), introduced the Winter Carnival Royalty at 12:13 p.m. on a cloudy Winter Carnival Day in downtown Saint Paul. After a brief interlude to allow the royal party to get lunch, President Chuck Whitaker called the meeting to order at 12:24 p.m. He also led the assembled Rotarians in singing God Bless America! accompanied by Bob Jones on the piano. Brianna Vujovich provided today's Inspirational Minute (adopt an attitude of laughter). Jason DeKeuster facilitated the introduction of visiting Rotarians and guests. Today's greeters were Sherry Howe and Christian Weinhagen.
Jay returned to the podium to talk about the joint meeting with Minneapolis Club #9 at Town & Country Club next week (no meeting at the Intercontinental Hotel on February 7th).  Chris Clark, president, of Xcel Energy-Minnesota will speak. He will talk about Minnesota's renewable energy future.
Past Winter Carnival Prime Minister (1974) Jay, currently hailing from the Royal House of Drake Bank, noted that he has been knighted this year by the new King Boreas, Club 10 member Jason Bradshaw. Jay then recounted the historical commitment of the Saint Paul Rotary Club to the Winter Carnival. He noted that ten (10) Boreas Rex, nine (9) Prime Ministers and many Carnival princes and princesses were Saint Paul Rotarians. He then introduced the 2017 Prime Minister from the Royal House of St. Croix Hospice, Heath Bartness. Prime Minister Bartness noted that Prime Ministers from 1974, 1979, 2009 and 2012 were in attendance.
The Prime Minister then introduced the members of the 2017 Royal Family:  King Boreas LXXXI (the 81st) Jason Bradshaw; Aurora, Queen of Snows, Lindsay Sandvold; Titan, Prince of the North Wind, Erik Peterka; North Wind Princess, JoJo Smith; Euros, Prince of the East Wind, Brian Laughlin; East Wind Princess, Ellie Carter; Zephyrus, Prince of the West Wind, Jory Leksen; West Wind Princess, Molly Reuther; Notos, Prince of the South Wind, Steve Palacio; South Wind Princess, Elaina Hammen; Klondike Kate, Kristen Oster; Guard Captain, Chris Kruse; Guard Sergeant, Paul Kohler; and Guards Ian Furu, Sam Moran and Romeo Perez.  
King Boreas/Jason decided one year ago in the Carnival Royalty visit meeting to take on the role of King Boreas for 2017. The speakers that day talked of the history of the Winter Carnival. They described that in the early days a large number of immigrants lived in the area. There was little that pulled them all together. The Winter Carnival became the thing that brought them together. It was a binding event for the community. Jason feels that it is important to have something like this to bring people together. This year, the Winter Carnival took on a charity partner and developed a selection process for charity partners going forward. "Family Means" is this year's charity partner. Also, a children's book was created to tell the story of the Winter Carnival. Proceeds go back to the Festival and Heritage Foundation and Family Means. Jason introduced Stillwater-Sunrise Rotarian Arba-Della Beck to speak about the work of Family Means. Jason also told of the 350 visits ahead for the Royal Court. The theme for the Winter Carnival team is "Building on Traditions, Creating a Legacy." The Carnival is part of the glue that holds Saint Paul together. At this point, Boreas Rex LXXXI asked all Club 10 members to stand, place a hand on each other’s shoulders and be knighted en masse. At the end of the meeting, each Rotarian received a commemorative medallion and a personalized certificate noting the knighting ceremony.
President Chuck thanked King Boreas/Jason for his presentation and the attendance of the Royal Court and presented him with a Club 10 recognition certificate. He also noted that a donation would be made in his name to the Saint Paul Public Library's "Reading Together" program. He provided Boreas Rex with a Rotary Four Way Test coin. He also reminded Rotarians that the meeting next week would be at the Town & Country Club. President Chuck then rang the bell to close the meeting at 1:09 p.m.

Chuck Standfuss, Scribe