Posted by Pamela Chandler on Dec 20, 2017
President Jerry called the meeting to order at 12:15. Chuck Field lead the club in singing "Deck the Halls" accompanied by a band consisting of Bob Jones, Joe Kovarik, Ed Coleman and President Jerry. Bob Cardinal provided an inspirational minute focused on learnings from the Civil War. Carla Hauge introduced visiting Rotarians and guests, including some potential new members. President Jerry recognized the December birthdays.
President Jerry reminded everyone that there will be no meetings for the next two Tuesdays.  Our next meeting will be 1/9 at the Doubletree.
Jay Pfaender provided a list of speakers booked well into 2018.  Highlights include David Schultz (Poli Sci professor from Hamline and frequent TV commentator) on 1/9, Terry Mattson (Head of Visit St. Paul) on 1/16 to talk about what is happening in St. Paul during the Super Bowl, Century College President Angelia Millender on 2/6, and Paul Douglas at the Joint Meeting with Club 9 on 2/16 to talk about climate change.  Note that the annual Winter Carnival Royal Family visit will happen on 1/30 and Fast for Hope is 2/27.
After Happy Dollars we were treated to a program by Tony Loyd, radio host, entrepreneur and author of “Crazy Good Advice:  10 Lessons Learned from 150 Social Entrepreneurs.”  He talked about the impact of social media on how we consume news, and how it often makes us feel negative emotions like fear, outrage and contempt.  He highlighted the use of click bait headlines and noted that since so many people consume news via social media they only hear half the story due to limited interactions with those on the other side.  He shared with us some possible solutions, including the emergence of social entrepreneurship, which uses sustainable business practices to fund social benefit work.  Examples include Joy McBrien from Fair Anita, Morgan Dixon from Girl Trek and Mariana Costa from La Laboratoria.  After his thought-provoking talk, Mr. Lloyd signed copies of his book. And, with that, we adjourned.

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Pam Chandler