Posted by Dave Dominick on Sep 03, 2019
Our August 27th Club was awesome!  You missed a great program!
Club President Michael-jon Pease welcomed Rotarians and guests at 12:15 pm.  We were blessed to have two visiting youth exchange students and their host families join our club for the meeting.
Several prospective new members were on hand to check out our club. 
Club meeting started with the signing of God Bless America lead by Past President Jerry Faletti accompanied on keyboard by Bill Given.
Laurie Murphy inspired our members with an inspirational thought and the leading of the 4 -Way Test.
Club updates for the day included:
  • Weeding Project, August 27 at 5:30 PM
  • Boat Cruise set for September 5th, $20 per person.
  • State Fair Rotary Blitz on August 30th.
  • September 10th Lunch Speaker will be “The Violence Project.”
  • Dana Bruce mentioned that new members will creating two new service projects during the year.
  • Ultra Sound Project update by Past President Ken Crabb.  $9000 funded by the District.  $2000 donated by Roseville Rotary Club and $1000 from Stillwater Sunrise.
  • Polio Plus Update:  Hopefully by 2020, the African Region will be polio free.
Our Club sang Happy Birthday to our July and August Birthday folks.
Robyne Robinson gave a wonderful program titled from Fox 9 to 5x5.  Her theme was reimaging and reinventing your future which focused around:
  • Branding your own identity
  • Focusing her energy around the arts
  • Emotional equity
She discussed her broadcasting career, her work at MPL-St. Paul Airport, brief run for Lt. Governor and her jewelry business.
A few happy dollars were donated by several Rotarians.
Deb Katzmark kicked off the 2019 Rose/Flower Sale which starts on September 26.  Prices and varieties include:
  • Red roses $20
  • Multi-color roses $20
  • Mixed cut flowers $20.
All Rotarians are encouraged to buy, sell or donate to the sale.  With no further business, meeting was adjourned at 1:18 by our Club President.
Respectfully submitted,
Dave Dominick, Club Treasurer