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Saint Paul police officers have been patrolling the streets of the Capital City for more than a century. They’ve seen crime ebb and flow, demographics change and the city’s skyline evolve and grow. Through it all, officers have remained committed to building trust with the people they serve in order to promote safe and healthy neighborhoods.

When Todd Axtell became the department’s 41st police chief in June 2016, he pledged to build on the solid foundation of excellence established by his predecessors.  This includes respecting all who are served, addressing violent crime, diversifying the ranks of officers and further galvanizing the department’s focus on community engagement. He has made trust and transparency, engagement and empowerment, and partnership and community policing a priority.

But he knows the police department alone cannot maintain Saint Paul’s status as the most livable city in America. That’s why he and his officers are asking those who live, work and play in the city to join their efforts.

Vice President Jerry Faletti called the meeting to order at 12:15 pm. David Laird led the singing of America the Beautiful, accompanied by Bob Jones. Carley Stuber gave the inspirational minute. Ed Coleman introduced visiting Rotarians and guests. Since Jodi Erickson was unable to attend the meeting, Jason DeKeuster and Jason Bradshaw helped out with greeting and signing in. Lynne Beck was the scribe. Jerry announced that next week we will celebrate January birthdays. The Thursday Fellowship speaker is TBD.

In Senegal, West Africa (and throughout the continent), women do most of the work farming and preparing food for their families. Virtually all of this work is done by hand. Although women are the backbone of the rural economy, they rarely have access to technologies and training to help them produce food efficiently, market their crops, and earn money.

With support from local Rotary clubs, St. Paul based nonprofit Compatible Technology International is equipping women in Senegal with hand-operated mills so they can make nutritious foods like peanut butter and millet flour much more easily. Women are also receiving business training and mentoring so they can earn money selling grinding services and packaged food products.

Alexandra Spieldoch, CTI Executive Director, will be visiting the St. Paul rotary club to talk about the impact of the program and how empowering women as business leaders is a critical part of tackling global poverty.

President Chuck called the meeting to order at 12:15.  Joe Kovarik lead the club in singing the America the Beautiful, accompanied by Doug Hartford on the piano. Michael-jon Pease provided the inspirational minute sharing, in anticipation of Martin Luther King day, some words from Bayard Rustin, a civil rights leader who was known as “the man behind the dream.” Tom Farnham introduced visiting Rotarians and guests. We welcomed new member Michael Kuenster, who is joining us from Wells Fargo Advisors.  President Chuck also took this opportunity to remind the club about the new member initiative (a case of Summit beer for club members who bring new members into the fold).

President Chuck reminded us of the memorial service for Past Club 10 President Chuck Graham, which was held on January 11th at Centennial United Methodist Church in Roseville.

Metropolitan State University is 45 years young, and continues to open doors of opportunity to non-traditional students across the Twin Cities region.  The University’s mission, delivery systems, and students are anything but traditional or typical. Virginia “Ginny” Arthur, JD, the University’s new President, will bring an overview of how the most diverse university in Minnesota is successfully addressing the serious talent gaps in high-skills fields caused by Boomer retirements. Learn about the continuing change and innovation that is shaping the higher education landscape in Minnesota’s future.  

Filling in for President Chuck, Past President Carla Hauge rang the bell to bring the meeting to order at 12:15 p.m. for the first meeting of the year in downtown Saint Paul. David Laird led the assembled Rotarians in singing God Bless America! accompanied by Bob Jones on the piano. John Andrews provided today's Inspirational Minute entitled, Silence. Mindee Kastelic facilitated the introduction of visiting Rotarians and guests. Today's greeter was Jason DeKuester. As part of our weekly announcements, we were notified of the passing of our former club President Chuck Graham.  Our thoughts are with his family. We also learned that club member Ron Phillipo is in the Hospital recovering from a fall. We wish Ron a speedy recovery and our thoughts and prayers are with him.

Former St. Paul Chief Police Chief John Harrington, Board Member, and Otis Zanders, President and CEO, will enlighten us about a bold organization here in St. Paul - Ujamaa Place. Ujamaa Place is an organization focused on young African American men in Saint Paul (primarily between the ages of 18 and 30), many of whom suffer multiple barriers to becoming stable, productive members of the community. These barriers include being undereducated, unemployed and/or unemployable, affiliated with gangs, a criminal history, homelessness, drug use, and a general marginalization by greater society.

There will be no Club meeting on December 27th. The next Club meeting will be January 3rd.

In a world city that has defined the concept  "hotspot" for more than forty centuries, Rotarian Michael Bussey has observed the work of both an international young men's Christian organization (the YMCA) and Rotary since his arrival there in 1975. Mr. Bussey provided Club 10 with a detailed history of the joint work of the Jerusalem International YMCA and the Jerusalem Rotary Club as they have both defined a way forward in the Holy Land for more than sixty years. 

Middle East historians record that Jerusalem, the city of peace, has over 40 centuries of recorded history and that the  city has been fought over, repeatedly pillaged and destroyed over forty times.  One only has to connect to daily newspapers and newscasts to realize that current events in Israel and Palestine continue to reflect these centuries-long conflicts.  Despite centuries of discord, two organizations, the Jerusalem International YMCA and the Jerusalem Rotary Club, have defined a way forward in the Holy Land that has allowed Israelis and Palestinians, as well as Jews, Christians and Muslims, to find common ground, to develop healthy relationships and ultimately experience a quality of life not easily found in the city of peace.  The amazing work of these two organizations in Jerusalem since 1878 (the Jerusalem YMCA) and 1929 (the Jerusalem Rotary Club) has provided hope for a better future for all of those whose faith eventually connects them to Jerusalem and the Holy Land.

President-in-training Jerry Faletti brought the meeting to order at 12:15 p.m. in the absence of President Chuck Whitaker. Joseph J. (for James) Kovarik led the club in America the accompanied by Doug Hartford in his Santa hat.

Jason Bradshaw offered a holiday invocation.

Heidi Fisher warmly greeted members and guests at the door and Michael-jon Pease filled in as scribe.

Nancy McKillips introduced visiting Rotarians and guests.

Minnesota’s Solar Jobs Act in 2013 set the stage for dramatic growth in the solar industry in Minnesota, catapulting us to being the leader on solar among states in the Upper Midwest.  This presentation will look at what has happened to-date as a result of the state’s push into solar energy and how those developments are part of national and global trends in solar energy.

The presentation will also look at what is likely to come next, and where businesses, local governments and community organizations are likely to see opportunities to invest in solar energy. Along with what this could mean for Minnesota in terms of new businesses, job growth, and the role of energy utilities, and how investments in solar energy can help us address racial disparities.

2016 Rotary President Chuck Whitaker, Whitaker Sports and Classic Cars called the meeting to order at 12:15 PM at the InterContinental Hotel St. Paul. The opening song was led by David Laird, MN Private College Council and piano Doug Hartford, Concordia Univ., retired.  Ed Coleman, Seven Corners Printing served as Today’s Greeter. The Inspirational Minute was offered by Valdi Stefanson, Your Utility Watchdog who shared the many inspirations from Rotary’s two Foundations. Tom Farnham, Bearence Management Group, welcomed visiting Rotarians and Guests. Kristin Montpetit, St. Paul Athletic Club, welcomed last minute registrations for Thursday’s Gala and encouraged everyone to come ready to bid on great auction items!

Tom Horner is a familiar face on Minnesota’s public affairs scene. He has a background in journalism, was chief of staff to former U.S. Senator Dave Durenberger, a co-founder of one of the region’s best-known public affairs firms, Himle Horner and an adjunct professor at his alma mater, the University of St. Thomas. In 2010, Horner was the Independence Party candidate for governor of Minnesota. The StarTribune in its endorsement editorial, said Horner “loves Minnesota; he's a serious student of government and economics, and he feels called to service…Horner seeks to apply the lessons of a lifetime spent working in and around public policy to the restoration of this state's vitality.” Today, Horner is president of Horner Strategies, LLC, a public relations and public affairs consulting firm.

There will be no Club meeting on November 22 and November 29. The next Club meeting will be December 6.

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